Seeking Quick Health Plan Assistance? Dial the Provider’s Phone Number Now!

Seeking Quick Health Plan Assistance? Dial the Provider’s Phone Number Now!

Choosing the right health plan provider is a crucial decision that directly affects our well-being. However, navigating through the complex world of healthcare can often become daunting, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and lost. In such situations, having access to a reliable and accessible phone number for our health plan provider can be a lifeline. Whether it is seeking information regarding coverage, understanding medical bills, or resolving any issues that may arise, a dedicated phone number ensures we can easily connect with experts who can guide us through the intricacies of our health plan. In this article, we explore the importance of having a readily available health plan provider phone number and how it can empower individuals to take charge of their healthcare journey confidently. From discussing the benefits of a 24/7 helpline to exploring the various services these phone numbers offer, we delve into the significance of this essential communication channel and how it can enhance our overall health and well-being.


  • Quick access to healthcare guidance: Having the health plan provider’s phone number readily available allows individuals to quickly seek assistance and guidance regarding their health concerns. Whether it’s for scheduling appointments, asking questions about coverage, or seeking advice for minor ailments, having direct access to professionals can speed up the process and provide immediate support.
  • Personalized and tailored assistance: By contacting the health plan provider’s phone number, individuals can receive personalized advice and information specific to their healthcare needs. Professional representatives can provide tailored recommendations, clarify coverage details, and guide the caller through the appropriate steps to ensure they receive the necessary care efficiently.
  • Efficient resolution of issues or concerns: If there are issues or concerns related to healthcare services or coverage, contacting the health plan provider’s phone number enables individuals to communicate directly with the responsible party. This direct communication can expedite the process of resolving issues, filing complaints, or seeking clarification, ensuring smoother healthcare experiences overall.
  • Emergency support and directions: The health plan provider’s phone number serves as a vital resource during emergencies. In urgent situations, individuals can contact the provider to receive immediate guidance on the next steps, locate the nearest healthcare facilities, or inquire about emergency coverage. This prompt assistance can help individuals make informed decisions and receive timely medical attention when it matters most.
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  • Limited accessibility: One disadvantage of relying on a health plan provider’s phone number is that it may not always be easily accessible. Depending on the provider’s operating hours and availability, individuals may struggle to get through to a representative when they need assistance or have important inquiries.
  • Potential long wait times: Another drawback is that calling a health plan provider’s phone number often involves long wait times. In busy periods or during peak hours, individuals may have to endure extended periods of waiting on hold before speaking to a customer service representative, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.
  • Language barriers: Some health plan provider phone numbers may not offer multilingual support, making it difficult for non-English speakers or individuals with limited English proficiency to communicate effectively with customer service representatives. This can hinder their ability to understand and resolve health plan-related issues or make inquiries about their coverage.
  • Lack of personal interaction: While calling a health plan provider’s phone number can provide assistance, it often lacks the personal touch of face-to-face interactions. Discussing complex health plan matters over the phone may lead to miscommunications or misunderstandings, as the absence of visual cues and non-verbal communication can make it harder for both parties to fully comprehend each other’s concerns and provide appropriate solutions.

What is the phone number for health insurance provided by the state of New York?

If you are a resident of New York and need assistance with updating your health insurance account, you can log into your NY State of Health account at Alternatively, you can reach out to the NY State of Health Customer Service Center at 1-855-355-5777. Their knowledgeable enrollment assistors are available to help you with any inquiries or updates regarding your health insurance provided by the state of New York.

In New York, residents who require help in managing their health insurance account can conveniently log into their NY State of Health account at Alternatively, assistance can be obtained by contacting the NY State of Health Customer Service Center at 1-855-355-5777, where experienced enrollment assistors are readily available to address any concerns or updates related to New York State’s health insurance coverage.

What is the payer ID assigned to the Health Plan of San Mateo?

The Health Plan of San Mateo, also known as HPSM, is assigned a payer ID by two different clearinghouses. The first clearinghouse is Office Ally, and HPSM’s payer ID is HPSM1. The second clearinghouse is Change Healthcare, and HPSM has two payer IDs for them: SX174 for 837 professional claims and 12X74 for 837 institutional claims. These payer IDs are crucial for electronic claim submissions to HPSM, ensuring efficient and accurate processing of healthcare payments.

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In the world of healthcare payments, the Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM) faces the challenge of having multiple payer IDs assigned by different clearinghouses. With HPSM1 for Office Ally, and SX174 and 12X74 for Change Healthcare, ensuring the correct payer ID is used is essential for submitting electronic claims and maintaining a smooth payment process.

What is the electronic payer ID of the health plan in West Virginia?

In West Virginia, the electronic payer ID for the health plan is an essential piece of information for healthcare providers. The exclusive EDI gateway for this health plan is Change Healthcare (CHC), renowned for its seamless transaction processing. When submitting claims or conducting electronic transactions, providers need to use the specific payer ID assigned to this health plan, which is 95677 or 34150. This unique identifier ensures accurate and efficient processing, contributing to smoother operations and improved healthcare services in West Virginia.

In West Virginia, healthcare providers must utilize the designated payer ID, 95677 or 34150, provided by Change Healthcare (CHC), the exclusive EDI gateway for the health plan. This efficient electronic system ensures seamless transaction processing, optimizing operations and enhancing healthcare services throughout the state.

Streamlining Access to Healthcare: Finding and Utilizing Your Health Plan Provider’s Phone Number

When it comes to accessing healthcare services, knowing and utilizing your health plan provider’s phone number is essential for a streamlined experience. With this crucial information at hand, you can easily connect with your provider to schedule appointments, inquire about coverage, or seek assistance for any medical concerns. Having the phone number readily available ensures quick access to the guidance and support you need, allowing for a smoother healthcare journey and ensuring you receive the care you require in a timely manner.

Accessing healthcare services requires having your health plan provider’s phone number. This allows you to schedule appointments, inquire about coverage, or seek assistance. Quick access to guidance and support ensures a smooth healthcare experience and timely care.

Putting Patients First: Unlocking the Benefits of Knowing Your Health Plan Provider’s Contact Information

Putting Patients First: Unlocking the Benefits of Knowing Your Health Plan Provider’s Contact Information

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When it comes to healthcare, knowing the contact information for your health plan provider can make all the difference. With this vital information, patients gain a direct line of communication to address any concerns or queries they may have regarding their coverage, medical bills, or any other pertinent issues. By understanding whom to contact and how to reach out to their health plan provider, patients can ensure a seamless and efficient healthcare experience. This direct connection empowers patients to take charge of their health and ensures that their needs are met promptly and accurately, ultimately putting their well-being first.

In the realm of healthcare, knowledge is power. Having the contact information for your health plan provider enables patients to have open lines of communication, resolve any concerns, and stay on top of their coverage. This connection allows patients to prioritize their well-being and ensure a smooth healthcare experience.

Having access to the health plan provider’s phone number is crucial for individuals seeking immediate assistance, information, or guidance regarding their healthcare coverage. It serves as a direct and reliable resource to resolve concerns, explore options, and address any issues that may arise. Being able to connect with a knowledgeable representative who can provide personalized support not only facilitates a smoother healthcare journey but also enhances the overall patient experience. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep the health plan provider’s phone number easily accessible, whether it is stored in your phone contacts or written down in a convenient place. By utilizing this important contact information, individuals can actively engage in managing their health and well-being, ensuring that they receive the best possible care and support from their insurance provider.